Discover the Secrets of How a
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You’ll even see the closing statements from two of the

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One of these firms is in the top three in the nation, so

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These are commissions and fees that any agent can get

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If you are an investor, you can use these techniques to

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Dear Agent, Broker and Real Estate Investor:

          I spoke to an REO listing agent who was being paid 1% of the sales price while her broker made 4 – 5%.   I showed her the material in this text and her broker called to tell me they would be implementing a number of the principals in the material within hours!

          If you are skeptical about this opportunity to sky rocket their income, take the time to read the rest of this material – it can mean tens of thousands of extra dollars income without AND ADDITIONAL LABOR!.

          Most agents will continue to make a paltry 3% to 6% commission. Let them!  Meanwhile, for the same amount of work and time, you can pretty much double your commissions/fees over night.

          Actually, 12% is just the start. You can do 40% or more once you know a few completely legal secrets and you will see the actual closing statements where others are doing it.

         But first...

let me address your concerns...

          Here's what the common agent goes through when they encounter my "12% plus secrets".

  1. Utter Disbelief, and understandably so, since even their broker denies it’s possible!

  2. Skeptically Investing in the E-course since it is so inexpensive…

  3. Being Blown Away by the simple, yet profitable secrets that they have never been told to them before – and I reveal them all!

  4. And finally, they make a few simple adjustments to pretty much double their income overnight.    How about you?

How's this possible?

          I have been a real estate investor since 1975 and I have personally used these “commission doubling” techniques to make realtors thousands of extra dollars per transaction. 

          Even better, these same realtors have sought me out for deals they have so they don’t have to accept a paltry 6% commission.   Wouldn’t every realtor like to have a stable of cash investors to sell to as soon as they get a deal?  And wouldn’t every investor like to have deals sent him that are instantly profitable? Of course they would!

          After years of personal investing and paying agents tens of thousands of dollars in commissions, I've encountered 8 legal techniques any real estate agent can use.  They are simple and easy to execute. It's just that not one in a thousand (including the real estate gurus) know about them

          But once you Make the decision to “go to the next” level in your career, you can pretty much turn yourself into a human cash machine.


          Sitting on my desk right now is a recent HUD-1 where an agent made over 40% on commissions and fees ... just from that one deal.  I included the “Commission Section” from the closing statement in the text so you can see it for yourself.

          I do know if you use just my one "12%" secrets, you will experience the ability to at least double your commission/fees on your next deal.  And I'm not the only one who is experiencing success like this. 

          Following are what other real estate agents are reporting, who have used my techniques...

       "I called Dave a liar to his face"

He politely showed me the proof on his personal HUD Statements and I was hooked.  I had my first deal two weeks later.  I made over $20,000 as a fee instead of a lousy $750 commission” 


        "Honestly I did not believe it would work..."

  “I used two of the principals in Dave’s material and the result was triple the income I would have gotten as a commission.  Honestly, I did not believe it could work, but it only took three weeks after I got Dave’s program to generate my first additional income.  The great part is that I will be using his techniques for the rest of my career!” 


      "My Broker said It was illegal..."

... but when I showed him Dave’s package he started using Dave’s techniques on his very next deal.”    


       "Once I saw the material I was so impressed, I

       invited Dave to speak in front of our local board..."

...with over 200 agents present and he got a standing ovation.  He hit it on the head and knows what we are all about and how we can earn more money for less effort.”  


       "Ok I was wrong..."

...and Dave was right.   I changed my thinking and so did my attorney who is now my partner in my business.”

          Don’t wait until your competition gets their hands on these tried and proven techniques that you should be using to skyrocket your income.

To your limitless success,

P.S.  Just because I could, I insanely priced the entire E-course at less than 13 CENTS a day - or the price of a meal for two people at a so-so restaurant!


Frankly, realtors don’t make enough in

commissions for all the grief they have

to put up with – now there is a solution.

Dear Agent or Broker,

This whole “Under-Paid and Over-Worked” situation is about to change dramatically because you now have access to inside information that a secret society of brokers and agents are using to legally earn commissions/fees in excess of 12% on many of the deals they close.  These are the absolutely legal techniques they are using on a daily basis in the E-course material you are about to see.  And you can start using these techniques immediately.

What you will be seeing are the hard cold facts of how many realtors are making tons of money using time-tested legal real estate investing techniques to make more money on many if not all of their deals.  Now is the time to double, triple or quadruple your commissions/fees on some of the listings you are already working and especially on deals that you are able to put together yourself. 

How would you feel if your brokers told you there was a 5% commission in the listing that he would split with you and you later found out he was actually earning 12% (or much more) on the deal?  And he might only be paying you 2.5% or maybe 5% but even at a 100% payout you are getting short-changed!  You would feel very betrayed and angry and so you should. Ask yourself, “Am I getting paid what I am worth?”  If not, keep reading to find out how to change this.


Is It Possible to Earn 40%+

Commissions/Fees on a Single Deal?


I am not only talking about small independent brokers that are using these techniques, not at all - one example in the text shows one of the nation’s oldest and largest brokerage firms actually earning commissions/fees of over forty (40%) on a single deal!  I have the HUD-1 Statement to prove it because I was the buyer of this property.  I don’t know how much the seller’s agent was paid but I hope he checked the HUD-1 for what he was entitled to.  Remember, if he didn’t know any better, he might have been happy with 100% of 5% - wouldn’t you?  You probably would be unless you knew the real income from the sale!

Additionally, this Home Study E-course and Bonus materials cover how regular agents can legally earn fees outside the closing statement and not have to split these fees with their broker.  Your broker may not like this, but it may not be covered in your contract.  But, you need to carefully read your contract to see if you have such a clause, and if it doesn’t, don’t worry, there are solutions for this issue.

I know what some of you could be thinking - it’s a known fact that most brokers direct their closings to closing agents where they have a financial relationship.  Some even have in-house attorneys or paralegals doing the closings that provide another source of revenue for their firms.  Again, the agent is usually left out of this revenue stream but still does all the hard work of getting clients to the table only to earn a fraction of a paltry commission.  I am not talking about your getting any part of this revenue stream from your broker although some agents do.  I am talking about legal income streams where you can earn money without your broker participating unless you want to cut him in.



Who Should Consider Purchasing

This Home Study Course?


The material is designed for agents and brokers who want to substantially increase their income legally while doing the same work they were doing previously.  Ironically, the most frequent buyers of this course are brokers, who want to double, triple or quadruple their income – some of whom have been dropping their agents because they don’t need the “aggravation” any longer.

Skeptical agents, many deterred by their brokers, just don’t believe it’s possible to earn commissions/fees in excess of 12%, so they stay stuck in their old habits, living hand-to-month because of ridiculously small commissions.  Some tell me they only work from referrals and I say “Great”, but wouldn’t you like to make 3 to 6 times as much from the same deals while not working any harder?

WARNING – these methods are not just “Dress grandma in a new dress and send her out again” techniques that many real estate sales gurus are selling in high-priced courses.  No, these are insider techniques that every agent or broker who gets and uses even one of these methods can skyrocket his or her income very quickly. 

As you will see, you only need one of these eight 9 legal techniques to substantially change your income and you’ll have seven more at your disposal!


Here’s What You Get By Taking Action Today

And at an absurdly low price – well below

the “Value” prices listed:


Video entitled “Eight Ways Realtors Can Earn 12%+ Commissions/Fees on the Same Deals You May Already be Doing”

These are straight forward no-holds-barred legal methods to increase your current income substantially - doing the same business you are already doing. 

(Total run-time 124 minutes)

Value - $397

An additional BONUS Video - "How To Safely Earn 25%+ Doing Transactional Funding"...


If you're not familiar with transactional funding you should be. It's a method that gives 25%+ returns annually by allowing the funds to be “rented” for just a few hours a day. 


The guarantee on these funds is cash in an attorney’s escrow account - the same account that you “rent” the money to! 


Value $97


Actual Hud-1 Statements for deals I was involved with where the commissions/fees on each exceeded 16.5%

Also included is more details on each type of transaction that audience members from my lectures to realtors had questions about. 

Value $47

Plus If You Act Right Now,

You'll Also Get These Incredible Bonuses


15 Methods of Buying Properties With NO Money, NO Credit, and NO Risk!” 


If you are thinking “Why am I including this as a bonus when I sell it for $47 elsewhere?”  It is simply because I find that many realtors are closet investors!


Many got their licenses to be “closer to the action” and found they are stymied by regulations and legalities...

...and only really benefit the broker’s compliance officer and the client, while the agent has all the legal risk.

Value $47

A transcript of the above 15 Methods of Buying Properties With NO Money, NO Credit, and NO Risk!” 

This transcripts includes comments and material not in the video, 20+ pages!




Secrets of The HUD-1 Statements


An audio interview (55 minutes) with a famous real estate closing Attorney.


He peels back the mystery of every line of the HUD-1 Statement, and tells how to make yourself or your clients more money on every closing.


Value $57


Free PDF Booklet, “The First 25 Weeks” of Dave’s Weekly Insights™

This is a weekly series of articles containing wonderful insights from Dave’s current real estate investing. 

This series has attained the “best read,  most appreciated” status throughout the real estate industry!

Value $97

So What’s So Special About Dave’s Weekly Insights?


What Comes With These “Minutes”


One or more of the following:


Articles in PDF Format so anyone can read them


Series and Tutorials on Specific Topics


Solid Content Over and Over Again with Tips and Techniques to...



Dave’s Weekly Insights™

One delivered FRESH every week!

This series of ongoing articles has won the acclaim and accolades of most real estate gurus, writers and people in the profession for years.  These insightful and sometimes provocative topics are timely in today’s real estate market and well worth taking the time to read.

Many loyal readers copy them into a file for future re-reads and use these tips and techniques in their daily lives and their real estate businesses.

To keep them simple and for your easy reading, these articles are generally 600 to 1,500 words in length (just long enough to explain things completely but not so long you have a weekend read).

They are “How To” and “Informative” articles that offer concise information.

All of this usually costs $97 a quarter, but is a FREE Bonus when you purchase

Eight 9 Guaranteed Methods to

Skyrocket Your Income as a Real Estate Agent or Broker”


Folks, this is a No-Brainer!

If you only use one of the eight techniques or the bonus section

on Transactional Funding and just do one transaction, you will pay

for this course hundreds of times over – and that’s on only one

transaction!  You will have a whole new career ahead of you so

you can use these techniques over and over again!


Let’s Review What You Get -

(7 Great Items!)




You Pay

Video entitled Eight 9 Ways Realtors Can Earn 12%+ Commissions/Fees on the Same Deals You May Already be Doing”

(124 Minutes)



An additional video segment included at the end of the above video that gives the listener a legal way to may exceptional returns on safe money.  This method is called

“Transactional Funding”



A transcript of the above video with additional hard-core info including the actual HUD-1 Statements for deals where each legally had over 16% commissions/fees to the agents/brokers.   (47 Pages)




Video  - “15 Methods of Buying Properties With NO Money, NO Credit, and NO Risk!”

(127 Minutes)



A transcript of the above 15 Methods of Buying Properties With NO Money, NO Credit, and NO Risk!” This transcripts includes comments and material not in the video, 20+ pages!



An audio interview “Secrets of the HUD-1 Statement” (55 minutes) with a real estate closing attorney who peels back the mystery of every line of the HUD-1 Statement. 



Free PDF Booklet, “The First 25 Weeks” of Dave’s Weekly Insights™ This is a weekly series of articles containing wonderful insights from Dave’s current real estate



Total Value of This Package



Your Total Cost is Only

(Less than 13 Cents a Day!)



Total Package Value = $779

You’ll Pay $499, $399, $299, $227, $199

Now Only $179!


Grab Your Course Right Now –

PLUS All the Bonuses

"12 Percent Plus"


If you are asking yourself why I am pricing it so inexpensively, it’s simply because I want it to be very affordable to everyone who wants to take control of their destiny as a realtor or investor and have the success they always dreamed about. 

Secondly, I would like each and every one of these hardy souls to look at the massive advantages of also becoming real estate investors.  Giving them a head-start at looking at the bonus “Fifteen Ways to Buy Properties with No Money, No Credit and No Risk” should give everyone a better understanding of how to become a real estate investor without the assets that are usually required to buy properties.



This offer is for a limited time only and can be withdrawn at any time.  I fully expect enormous criticism from well-meaning but uninformed individuals who do not believe this material is factual and that it should not be believed.  Likely, another group will be thoroughly outraged by my disclosing these techniques because they want this information to remain their “Best Kept Secret”.


When and if you hear any criticism, please consider the source and their possible ulterior motives. 

If an attorney tells you any of these methods are illegal, ask him how they can be done legally in your state as many other realtors are using them strictly on the advice of their attorneys.





100% Money Back Guarantee

I have been doing real estate investing for over 35 years and have paid realtors tons of commissions and fees – and I did it gladly!  I have put my personal experience in this material because it works in today’s markets – not just the hot markets of the early 2000’s.  I know that you can personally use at least one or possibly all eight methods and the bonus “Transactional Funding” to substantially increase your personal income – year after year after year.

For the next 30 days, I am so confident of your results that I will refund 100% of your purchase price, all you have to do is show me why these methods will not work for you.


How Does the Order Process Work?

Once you select a “Click Here To Start Earning 12% Plus Commissions/Fees and Get All The Bonuses” you will be taken to a secure website to process your credit card.  This site is one of the largest credit card processors in the country to ensure your privacy and that your information will not be given to any unauthorized persons. 

Once you fill in the required information, and hit “Process”.  Your entire course will be delivered to you electronically shortly after your payment is processed.  This allows you to begin working on your new found sources of income for your new success strategies.

The texts will be in PDF format, the audio in MP3 file, and the videos in a flask format.  As soon as your payment is processed you will be automatically transferred to another page that will explain in greater detail how the entire download process works.

This will allow you to get started reading and using the material in the least possible time.  My goal is to have you making money using these techniques as quickly as possible.

I am looking forward to your fulfilling the dreams you want to turn into reality.  I believe this material is a first step to accelerate your achieving these goals and I look forward to working with you in the future.


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